assortment of dry tea in ceramic bowls on wooden background.

Acupuncture– Insertion of extremely fine, sterile, single use needles into specific locations or acupuncture “points” following certain pathways along the body.

Electro acupuncture– When appropriate we may use an electrical stimulation machine that passes a small electrical current between a pair or pairs of acupuncture needles.

Tuina– A form of Chinese manipulative therapy similar to massage. We use it in conjunction with acupuncture treatments when appropriate for conditions being treated.

Cupping- Glass cups are used to create a suction on the skin which stimulates blood flow in the area. Used in conjunction with acupuncture when appropriate for conditions being treated.

Chinese Herbs– We carry both ready to go “teapills” and herbal powders that we can customize to fit individual conditions more accurately.


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Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions of Springfield

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We are located in Young’s Plaza behind Seoul Oriental Market. Young’s Plaza is on the west side of Campbell between Battlefield and Walnut Lawn.